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(Pronounced like "Liberace")
The Man with 1000 Suits!!?!!!
**name courtesy of some of the crewmembers of Mercury Boats Skyline Cruise Line
**Click on the image, above, to see the full size picture. Look for a "vision in green" on the lower level of the bridge, just to the right of the "Michigan Av' sign!! Then, hit your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

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The picture, above, is the official logo of the "Cool Globes, Hot Ideas" exhibit.

The pictures in the photo albums show myself (with my various outfits) and the "Cool Globes" globes.  These fiberglass globes were on display, primarily at the Museum Campus and Navy Pier (in a little park outside the pier itself), as well as a few scattered places in the downtown part of the city.  It happened during the summer of 2007.

So, this is the age of "global warming".  As I write this (on Dec. 16), the outside temp is a lot closer to the normal low than the normal high.  There have been at least a half dozen snow/ice/sleet storms passing through Chicago since Dec. 1 alone .  Since Thanksgiving, the storm count is closer to a dozen (close to the normal number of events in an entire winter).  Before a predicted mini warm-up (according to the weather guys/gals on ABC7, FOX32, and NBC5), the temps will be below normal for about 16-17 days in a row.  Most of those days, the temp stayed below freezing.  Apparently, the Al Gore global warming types are not looking at the same weather maps that I'm looking at on the monitors at studio 7 and Studio 5.

Back in early August, I encountered a couple of global warming activists in Daley Plaza (right across the street from the George Dunne Cook County Office Bldg, where I work).  They were asking people to sign a petition of some description.  I asked them if they would still be out there in January - February, when daily highs would be in the single digits/low teens, and every cold weather record in the books is being broken.  In the spirit of true "Al Gore bots", they actually said they would!!

All the pictures were taken with a Nikon D80 digital SLR camera.  The camera was mounted on a tripod, and the remote control and self timer features were used.

I hope these pictures are "well rounded".  Yes, I do have "oceans" of humor, if you "sea" what I mean!!!













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