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(Pronounced like "Liberace")
The Man with 1000 Suits!!?!!!
**name courtesy of some of the crewmembers of Mercury Boats Skyline Cruise Line
**Click on the image, above, to see the full size picture. Look for a "vision in green" on the lower level of the bridge, just to the right of the "Michigan Av' sign!! Then, hit your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

In Memory         Mary Jane Falk

November 1, 1914 -- November 4, 2002

This is in memory of my mother, Mary J. Falk.

As of Jan 1, 2010, I am retired from my programmer/analyst job at Cook County MIS..

The Jennifer Burns film, "Vincent, A Life In Color" will play at Ebertfest on Sat, April 24, at the Virginia Theater, Champaign, IL (a city I called home for a number of years earlier in my life).  Ebertfest runs from Wed, Apr 21, through Sun, Apr 25.

The film will also make its Chicago theater premiere on May 7 at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Downtown Chicago.  The actual premiere will be on May 7, but the film will run the entire week of May 7 through May 13.


   News Media/You Tub Links       VPF and the Media

Here will be found links to various news media outletsYou Tube videos, and film festivals/theaters where the Jennifer Burns produced film, Vincent, A Life in Color, plays.

          VPF and Globes

For 2007, it is the "Cool Globes, Hot Ideas".  These 5 foot globes are intended to promote awareness of the problem of climate change (global warming).  There is also an interesting perspective about "global warming" on this page

    Mickey Mouse 75       VPF and Mickey

For 2004, it is the Mickey Mouse Statues.  These 6 foot statues were created for the 75th anniversary of the Mickey Mouse character.  The exhibit is presented by Disney, as well as, the State Street Council.  So, put you pointer on either the picture or the hover button, above, and click your Mouse, Mickey!!!??!!

    All-Star Bobbleheads       VPF and Bobbleheads

In the year 2003, it is the bobbleheads.  These 6 foot statues were created for the occasion of the 2003 All Star game at US Cellular Field (Comiskey Park).  This section of the web site has something in common with a baseball game,  a wedding ceremony, and a bakery.  It was put together for "batter or for worse"!!

   Suite Home Chicago     VPF and Couches

This time, it's not cows, but "cou-ches".  Here, you will see pictures of myself matched up with the "Suite Home Chicago" furniture.  These pieces of art were on display throughout Chicago in 2001.

   Cows On Parade       VPF and Cows

Here, you will see pictures of myself (in various outfits of clothing) matched up with the "Cows On Parade" cows.  They were on display throughout Chicago in 1999.  So feast and/or massage your eyeballs!!!?!

Revive Wacker Drive       Wackin' of Wacker

From late February, 2001, until completion (some 20 months later), this site will contain weekly photo updates of the reconstruction of Wacker Drive.  You will get some truly "concrete" information.  The workers will be able to "cement" a good relationship with the new roadway!!!

The current Revive Wacker Drive construction contract is now completed.  As a result, pictures taken on May 15, 2004, will be the last Wacker pictures posted to this site.

    Balcony Views       Sky-high Views

See the world from 52 floors up!  This page contains various views from my 52nd floor balcony in the West Tower of Marina City in Chicago.  Feel like you're really "up" in the world!!!  You can see pictures of the reconstruction of the Marina City plaza deck (the part directly in front of Smith & Wollensky) in this section.

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Cows On Parade
Suite Home Chicago
All Star Bobbleheads
Mickey Mouse 75
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