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(Pronounced like "Liberace")
The Man with 1000 Suits!!?!!!
**name courtesy of some of the crewmembers of Mercury Boats Skyline Cruise Line
**Click on the image, above, to see the full size picture. Look for a "vision in green" on the lower level of the bridge, just to the right of the "Michigan Av' sign!! Then, hit your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

In Memory

Below is a full size image of the International Star Registry certificate which proclaims that the star, "Cassiopeia RA 1h 25m 15s D59 degrees, 38 minutes", has been renamed in honor of Mary J. Falk.

Depending on your screen resolution settings, you may have to use scroll bars to see the entire image.

Cows On Parade
Suite Home Chicago
All Star Bobbleheads
Mickey Mouse 75
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